Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau

Why does the Mississippi River flow east to west through the Quad Cities, instead of north to south?

The Touristic Nature of the Quad Cities

Nov 8, 2014

The Touristic Nature of the Quad Cities

Black's Store

Nov 1, 2014

Black's Store

The State of Illinois plans to invest $5 million in park projects in Henry County. This week, it announced $2.5 million awards to the Geneseo and Colona park districts.

Wind & Water, Powering Colonial America

Oct 25, 2014

Wind and Water, Powering Colonial America


What do the founder of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the Rock Island Arsenal, and your backyard have in common? Black squirrels.

Quad City Food Forest

Soon, local residents will be able to gather their own food straight from a forest. On Saturday, the City of Davenport will break ground on the first "food forest" in the Quad Cities. 


A Galesburg couple wants to plant a prairie in their back yard. Tonight, the city council will consider an application from Fred and Yvonne Apsey. And the project must comply with all the requirements of an eight-year-old ordinance.

National Weather Service

Meteorologists are predicting a mild winter in the Quad Cities. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures between December and February will be warmer than normal. 

Finding the Mississippi

Oct 18, 2014

Finding the Mississippi: European Expeditions in the Age of Discovery.