Augustana College

Culver Retiring

Apr 29, 2016
Augustana College

A long career at Augustana College is about to end. This weekend, Doctor Dan Culver will conduct his farewell concert, and retire officially next month.

Herb Trix reports.

The farewell concert will begin at 8 pm Saturday in Centennial Hall at Augustana College.  

Following the signing this week of an emergency funding bill for higher education in Illinois, money for the Monetary Award Program, or MAP grants, has been released. But while students attending colleges on the semester system will receive about half the money they were expecting, those on the quarter system will get just one-third.

Lynne Baker, from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, says the decision was made to distribute the money as quickly as possible, despite the difference between the quarter and semester schools.

Dr. Christopher Whitt, Associate Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at Augustana College
Augustana College

Every other Friday or so until the November election, Dr. Christopher Whitt, Chair of the Political Science Department at Augustana College, will join Morning Edition with political analysis of national and local races.

This week, Dr. Whitt spoke with WVIK Morning Edition Host Jay Pearce about the outlook for candidates vying to become presidential nominees for their parties.

Kai Swanson

Two students from Augustana College joined hundreds of others from across the state in Springfield Wednesday, holding a rally and lobbying the General Assembly. Their colleges have received no money from the state since the long budget impasse began last summer.

Lizandra Gomez-Ramirez, a junior from Rock Island, has a very personal stake in this - she depends on the state for 5,000 dollars a year from the Monetary Award Program, or MAP grants.  

She already works about ten hours per week, in two campus jobs, but figures she'd have to work 20 to 25 hours without state help.

Augustana will add two new varsity teams next year. The men's volleyball and women's bowling teams will both have NCAA status, raising the number of varsity sports at the college up to 25.

Assistant director of athletics, Dave Wrath, says the new sports have been in discussion since the men's and women's lacrosse teams were added in 2011. 

The Augustana men's volleyball team will be independent for the first year, then apply to join the Midwest Men's Volleyball Conference, which now has 14 teams.

The women's bowling team will be independent, and not join a conference.Wrath says the two new varsity teams will expand the opportunities for Augustana students. 

A full time volleyball coach and a part time bowling coach will be hired this spring to begin recruitment.

The men's volleyball season will run from January to mid-April and women's bowling goes from October to March.

There's been a change in plans for Augustana College's graduation ceremony. Actor Eric Christian Olsen, who plays a detective on NCIS: Los Angeles, will not be able to give the commencement address due to a film he's working on in Hollywood.

Olsen grew up in Bettendorf.

Eagle View Group of the Sierra Club

How polluted is the Rock River? That's the question volunteers from a group called the Eagle View Water Sentinels is trying to answer as it samples rivers and streams in Illinois.

Kristen Bergren, from the Eagle View Group of the Sierra Club, says volunteers began sampling about 10 different streams last month. 

The samples are then tested by volunteers in a lab at Augustana College, and eventually  sent to the Illinois EPA.

Augustana Supports MAP Recipients

Mar 17, 2016

Students who receive state money to attend Augustana College don't have to worry, at least for now. As the state budget impasse continues in Illinois, and no money is distributed for Monetary Award Program grants, the college will step in to bridge the gap. 

Vice President Kent Barnds says currently nearly 700 students at Augustana each receive MAP grants averaging $4,700 a year. And they can continue to attend classes this spring and register for the fall because he believes the state will reimburse the college once a budget is finally worked out. 

Mississippi Valley Conservancy & Untamed Science

What makes the upper Mississippi River Valley different from the rest of the Midwest ? That's the focus of a documentary, "Mysteries of the Driftless," that'll be shown this weekend during the 11th annual Environmental Film Fest at Augustana College.

WVIK Staff

Nationally, women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes, but in Illinois' 17th congressional district, they only make 72 cents. That's the message from Representative Cheri Bustos and Augustana College students today.

They held a "Gender Wage Gap Bake Sale," and women were charged 72 cents for a cookie or brownie while men were charged a dollar.Bustos says congress needs to address its current laws that are anti-family. 

And she says it's especially important to raise awareness of the gender wage gap on college campuses like Augustana.


Bustos is a co-sponsor of a bill, which would help eliminate pay discrimination and prevent retaliation when workers share how much they make.