Midwest Week

Fridays at 6:20 PM

A Friday feature at 6:20 PM, during All Things Considered,  that reviews the major stories with the reporters who covered them.

On Midwest Week, human service programs in Illinois try to decide whether they should continue to accept state funding.

Hoping to produce more measurable results, the United Way has implemented a new way to fund local agencies. 


On Midwest Week, hiring a new administrator, finding new revenue, and putting together next year's budget are just a few of the challenges facing Rock Island County this fall.

On Midwest Week, to understand the 2016 election, look no further than Henry County, Illinois.

Galesburg Register Mail

On Midwest Week, what happens after heroin comes to Galesburg.

Illinois State Police

There's been no arrest or conviction, but police have announced the "likely killer" in a decades-old murder case.

Illinois Capitol
State of Illinois

On Midwest Week, for the first time in many, many years, Illinois has reformed its school funding formula, but it wasn't easy.

On Midwest Week, Davenport challenges the state of Iowa to fix the school aid formula.  

On Midwest Week, why one of our most popular sports might be "under siege."