WVIK Governance

Jan 1, 1970

Mission statement

WVIK represents significant value to the public and earns its support by engaging an informed audience with cultural, educational, news and music programming.

Vision statement

WVIK is a user-focused media organization that fulfills its audiences' needs for music, news, arts and culture. Content is presented on-air and online with integrity and authenticity, and in an even, non-confrontational tone favored by our curious, well educated, socially aware and involved constituents. Through our programs and partnerships, we contribute significantly to the civic and cultural health of our community. Moreover, we add to the economic vitality of businesses wishing to engage with a highly desirable demographic by providing financial support for programs they value. It is through impactful programming, meaningful partnerships and strong development initiatives that WVIK remains a financially independent, essential asset in our community.

Value proposition

1. To listeners: WVIK engages an informed and discerning audience with cultural, educational, news, and music programming that is not available from any other local source.

2. To the community: Beyond the value provided to its listeners and underwriters, WVIK represents value in the community through its support and participation in local/regional cultural affairs and education/life-long learning initiatives that are important ingredients in our high quality of life.

3. To underwriters/donors/members: WVIK is a high value complement to an integrated marketing communications plan that seeks to reach an upscale (demographically/psychographically), loyal, and engaged audience.

4. To Augustana College: WVIK's programming, staff, and image are consistent with Augustana College values and standards. It is a vehicle to highlight the broad excellence of the College through participation of faculty, staff, and students in WVIK programming.

Station Activities Survey

WVIK is required to file an annual Station Activities report with the Corportation for Public Broadcasting. You can find WVIK's report here.

The Station Activity Survey (SAS) collects information from public broadcasting stations about their operations so that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) can:

  • advocate the interests of public broadcasting to Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the American public;
  • help stations and other public broadcasting organizations with planning and evaluation;
  • study and anticipate industry-wide trends;
  • and monitor the results of stations' equal employment opportunity practices.

SAS data also helps the CPB to calculate the next fiscal year's Community Service Grants for our grantees.

Station ownership

WVIK 90.3 FM is a non-commercial public radio station owned and operated by Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill. Information about the Augustana Executive Committee members who are responsible for the stations' license is available here. Find out more about Augustana College here.

Station Advisory Board (Community Advisory Board)

The purpose of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) shall be to assist WVIK in responding to community needs by providing effective public participation in the affairs of WVIK responsibilities. The CAB shall review the programming goals established, significant policy decisions rendered, and service provided by WVIK. The CAB shall advise the WVIK staff and Augustana College's Board of Directors with respect to whether the programming and policies of WVIK are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the community served by WVIK. The CAB shall make such recommendations appropriate to meet such needs. The CAB shall consist of no more than ten members. The CAB shall adhere to the open meeting requirements by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Current membership is available here.

CAB meeting schedule

  • June 19th, 2014
  • October 23rd, 2014
  • December 18th, 2014

All meetings will take place 4 p.m. at the WVIK Studios, 3808 8th Ave, unless otherwise noted. The public is welcome.

CAB agendas and minutes

Station financial information

As a requirement of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WVIK hires an external auditing firm annually to review the station's financial activity. The results of this annual audit as well at the stations finacial statements can be found here.