Thomson Prison Announces Future Plans

Jun 7, 2018

The federal prison in Thomson, Illinois
Credit US Bureau of Prisons

The Thomson Prison in northwest Illinois is preparing for what officials call the "final phase of activation." This week, they announced plans to fully open the federal prison by late next year.

Currently, Thomson has a total of 300 minimum and low security inmates. With the low security inmates living in the prison itself, while those considered minimum security are living in a facility called the Sattelite Camp. By late 2019, there will be 1500 more inmates considered high security living in the main prison.

Today, Thomson has about 250 staff, and that will grow to about 600 next year.

Prison officials say recruiting, hiring, and training of new staff continues with a variety of jobs to be filled, including: guards, cooks, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, drug abuse counselors, and chaplains.