Tate Hearing Postponed

Jan 25, 2018

Davenport Superintendent of Schools, Art Tate.
Credit Davenport School District

The superintendent of the Davenport schools is off the hook for a while longer. Wednesday the state Board of Educational Examiners announced the hearing for Art Tate before an administrative law judge has been postponed.

Last summer the board filed a formal charge against him - that he allowed the school district to spend more than allowed by law, and it scheduled his hearing for February.

But now the hearing has been re-scheduled for June. 

Iowa's school funding formula requires Davenport to spend 175 dollars less per student than many other districts in the state. And Doctor Tate has worked hard in recent years to publicize this disparity, and try to convince the legislature to change the formula.

He could lose his license, and his job, depending on the result of this case.