Scottish Rite Cathedral Will Soon Have a New Owner

Feb 21, 2018

Two local real estate developers plan to buy an iconic building in Moline. About two years ago, the Masonic group that owns the Scottish Rite Cathedral put it up for sale. Located on 7th Avenue near I-74, it features an auditorium, reception hall, commercial kitchen, and smaller venues. 

After taking a tour, Adam Bain and Blake Humphrey, of Windmill Farm Investments, decided to buy the 88-year-old building. Bain says it'll take several partnerships to make the project possible. He has a couple of friends who plan to open a new, professional theater called, the "Spotlight Theater" in the auditorium.

Another partner will be Ben Layer who plans to open a psychology and life-coaching business on the third floor. Dyslexia Reading Solutions for Children is already renting rooms on the second floor. Windmill Farm is also working to find a catering partner.

Humphrey says the limestone cathedral is in "immaculate condition," and only needs minor renovations. And he praised the Masonic organization that owned it for their diligence.

Events booked before the sale will continue at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. And the Windmill Farm partners say many dates are available for weddings, receptions, dinners, parties, and performances.