SCC Students Using Davenport Library

Apr 4, 2018

Davenport's downtown library is now open additional hours thanks to an agreement with Scott Community College. Instead of opening its own library in the new urban campus, the college will use the city library that's just one block away.

Library Director, Amy Groskopf, says the college is paying part of the cost of keeping the library open an additional 10 1/2 hours a week - adding hours on Monday morning and at night, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

"Our patrons will enjoy the additional hours certainly. And since we're so close to the community college, it doesn't really make sense to duplicate services that close together."

Friday and Saturday hours will stay the same.

And to staff the extra hours, the library has hired two, new part-time workers and added more hours for security and custodial employees. Groskopf says her staff also was trained in how to use the special collections and data bases used by students from Scott Community College.

The changes went into effect at the beginning of March.