Rock Island Unplugs for Community Forum

21 hours ago

"Rock Island Unplugged" might sound like a series of acoustic concerts. But it's really a new community forum, and it won't be held at City Hall.

Credit City of Rock Island

Thursday night at The Establishment theater, Mayor Mike Thoms and City Manager Randy Tweet will speak first. Then, people who go to the forum can ask questions or make suggestions.

Rock Island spokesman Jason Wild says department heads will be on hand.

"Ever since Mayor Thoms was elected, and obviously Randy Tweet became our City Manager, you can really feel that the tone of the heads of the city have changed," said Wild. "We want people to know it and we want people to meet them."

Wild also says Rock Island officials are working hard to establish an open door policy and transparency. 

"Rock Island Unplugged" will be held Thursday at 6 p.m., with discussion starting around 6:30.