Rauner Celebrates Catholic Schools Week in RI

Feb 2, 2018

4th graders show Governor Rauner around the technology lab
Credit WVIK News

The governor of Illinois came to the Quad Cities Friday to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Bruce RaunerĀ  toured Jordan Catholic School in Rock Island, stopping in a couple of classrooms, and then spoke to an assembly.

He first told the children about a new state program called Invest in Kids - it provides scholarships for Illinois children so they can attend parochial or private schools.

"So if your parents don't quite have enough money to be able to afford schools like Jordan, we can have a scholarship to help pay for your school. So your parents can choose to send you to where-ever fits you the best."

Governor Rauner takes a selfie with students at Jordan Catholic School
Credit WVIK News

Then he reminded them about this year being Illinois' bicentennial, and why they should have pride in their home state - four presidents have lived here, it's been the home of famous authors and athletes, and it's where both nuclear power and Hostess Twinkies were invented.

Rauner told the children his job as governor "is to make sure you have a great future" and that it's an honor to work for them.