Rauner Campaigns in the QC

Nov 14, 2017

Parr President Jim Nelson describes an automated liquid sampler to Governor Rauner, with Parr Operations Manager Stacey Moon looking on.
Credit WVIK News

Now that the legislature's veto session is over, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has begun campaigning for a second term. This week, he began visiting companies around the state to tell them how he can help, if re-elected. 

Tuesday he toured Parr Instruments Company in Moline, and told workers he wants to lower their state income tax and their property taxes. 

"The answer is to freeze property taxes but then give you the ability to control your property taxes. You should be able to decide if you want your levy to go up or down and by how much with a simple voter referendum. If you control it rather than elected officials you can control your property taxes and bring them down."

He also thinks Illinois government is "broken" and the best way to fix it is to pass term limits and for the Illinois House next year to replace long-time Speaker Mike Madigan.

"Ask your candidate for office, especially in they're a democrat in the House of Representatives, - commit to me that you won't vote for him. It doesn't really matter who else but let's get somebody new in as the speaker of the house so we can get somethings done."

Rauner also wants to reduce the cost of government regulation, for Parr Instruments and others in Illinois, to lower their costs and make them more competitive.

With a workforce of 103, Parr makes laboratory equipment for customers in the US and around the world.