QC Navigator Ready for Open Enrollment

Oct 31, 2017

Jennifer Busch
Credit Jennifer Busch

For the fourth year in a row, November lst is the beginning of a very busy time for Jennifer Busch. She's a "navigator" for Genesis Health System, based in Davenport, who helps people sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

She says in past years she 's helped people of all ages sign up, many have pre-existing conditions, and many are employed. 

"People who don't have access to employer-based insurance, this is really a godsend for them. And people as a rule really want to take care of themselves."

And despite the recent horror stories about big price hikes, Busch says people should still consider signing up for health insurance.

"They do talk about the prices going up and like everybody else I haven't been able to see what's going on. But when the prices go up, you are getting a tax credit, the tax credit should likely also go up which may offset the expense a little bit."

She's been able to help people find affordable plans in the past, and hopes she'll be able to again this year.

The open enrollment period lasts for six weeks, through December 15th.