QC Joins Iowa Rideshare

Dec 12, 2017

The Quad Cities has joined a statewide effort in Iowa to promote car pooling. The Bi-State Regional Commission and public transit agencies have launched QC Rideshare as part of the Iowa transportation department's Rideshare program.

Bi-State's Planning Director, Gena McCullough, says QC Rideshare covers five counties, and one of its main goals is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

"When you share a ride, you're using one vehicle versus two. And so you help keep our air cleaner."

And she says reducing congestion will be very important in the next couple of years during construction of the new I-74 bridge, and some closures of our other bridges.

"Conditions are changing and people are looking for ways to save some money by sharing a ride. And with construction, trying to get some of the vehicles off the road."

Figures cited by Bi-State show we breathe about 3,800 gallons of air each day compared to drinking just one gallon of water, so air quality is clearly important. 

 The QC Rideshare portal is available through the Bi-State Regional Commission or iowarideshare.org.