More Wind Turbines for Iowa

Dec 5, 2018

MidAmerican Energy is preparing to build a lot of new wind turbines in Iowa. On Tuesday, the Iowa Utilities Board approved a project called Wind 12 that will help the company generate 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources within 3 years (2021).

Spokeswoman Kathy Harkema says MidAmerican already generates at least half from wind and other renewable resources. 

"And the beauty of wind energy is it's naturally abundant, it's clean, and it really helps keep our rates low for MidAmerican Energy customers."

MidAmerican estimates Wind 12 will cost 922 million dollars.

Harkema says still to be determined is how many new turbines will be built and where. The company already owns more than 2,200 wind turbines in Iowa, and they're located in 27 counties.