More Help to Eliminate Lead From Homes in Galesburg

Sep 27, 2017

Old lead-based paint flaking off a home, creating a health hazard
Credit Western Illinois Regional Council

The war against lead in Galesburg is expanding. As the city continues to replace old, home water service lines made of lead, some local and state agencies are joining forces to remove other sources of lead in homes.

A public hearing will be held Wednesday night to describe the program, and let people know how to apply.

Kevin Wiehardt from the Western Illinois Regional Council says his group is working with the city of Galesburg and the state to apply for 500,000 federal dollars.

"We'll be looking at lead hazards that you find around windows because of friction and you find around doors because of friction, and old siding. Any house prior to 1978 could have lead based paint."

Their priority is to protect young children who are most susceptible to lead poisoning.

Wiehardt estimates it will cost an average of about 20,000 dollars to eliminate lead from an old home in Galesburg, so the grant would pay for 25 homes in the city.

Wednesday night's meeting begins at 6:30 in the council chambers of city hall.