Moline Native To Swim English Channel At A Hefty Cost

Aug 24, 2017


Craig Frederiksen trains to swim the English Channel.
Credit Courtesy of Craig Frederiksen

A Moline native is spending tens-of-thousands of dollars to check a major item off his bucket list: swimming across the English Channel.

Craig Frederiksen is the head swim coach at Moline High School and works full-time for John Deere.

He says the cost of membership in the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation, boat security, flights and hotels, probably adds up to about $20,000, but says the 21-mile challenge is an investment in his personal development and professional career.

"I mean it's not a masters degree or another certification, but nonetheless it's an enormous commitment, project management, problem solving project that I think I'll be able to leverage lessons learned throughout the rest of my career, coaching, work and just life experiences. I think its an all-encompassing bucket list item that I'll never forget." 

He's flying to England on Friday and says the earliest he can swim the channel will be on Tuesday.

The English Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, running from southern England to northern France. 

You can follow Frederiksen's journey on Twitter @cfredswim.