Major Flooding on the Rock River at Moline, Joslin

 Major flooding along the Rock River this week. It's about six feet over flood stage at Joslin and nearly 3 feet over flood stage at Moline on Monday. 

The National Weather Service says that will affect business parking lots on 52nd Avenue in Moline. Water also affects most homes on South Shore Drive and North Shore Drive.

In Joslin, water reaches the top of the Zuma Creek levee upstream of Barstow. Water also affects a few homes in Erie and Moline Road east of town. Railroad tracks near Osborn could also be affected by flooding. 

The River should start to fall after tomorrow, when it's set to crest at four and a half feet above flood stage in Moline and six and a half feet over flood stage at Joslin. 

The Mississippi is also rising. It's about half a foot over flood stage and rising in the Quad Cities. It should start falling on Wednesday after cresting at a foot and a half over flood stage tomorrow.