Illinois General Assembly Passes Balanced Budget

Jun 1, 2018

Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson, R-Andalusia
Credit / Illinois Senate

State Senator Neil Anderson used the word "compromise" to describe how Illinois lawmakers came up with a balanced budget. If that's not surprising enough, the General Assembly ended the session on time.

On Wednesday, his chamber approved a budget plan that'll be effective on July 1st, if the House and governor approve it, too.

The Andalusia legislator says many of his colleagues were fed up with the "partisan bickering" of the last three years and decided to do their jobs.

He's pleased the budget includes funding for eduction and four years of MAP grants.

The transportation budget includes $91 million for the 36th state senate district which includes the Illinois Quad Cities. It'll pay for the final phase of the I-74 bridge project along with other road projects.

Funding for passenger rail between Moline and Chicago is also included in the budget, but the project is being held up by "red tape." Part of the problem is two different companies own the railroad tracks that need to be improved.

Anderson says he and other senate republicans are happy they got what they asked for; a balanced budget without any new tax hikes.