Holiday Shopping Safety

Nov 24, 2017

from the grand opening of Dicks Sporting Goods at SouthPark Mall in Moline in 2015.
Credit WVIK News

The holiday shopping season begins in earnest this weekend, and police have some advice on how to enjoy it and survive it safely.

Sergeant Mark Berger, a supervisor in the Davenport Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit, says be sure not to leave any valuables, visible, in your car.

"Make sure you secure your packages in your vehicle, preferably in the trunk. If you have a large package that doesn't fit in the trunk, have a destination where you can take that and secure it in a house somewhere rather than leaving it in your vehicle while you go in and out of other stores."

And be careful while shopping because parking lots will be crowded, with a lot of people in a hurry - in his words "pack your patience."

Berger says online shoppers also need to be careful.

"If it's going to be delivered to your home, have a neighbor or somebody lined up that can pick it up and take it to their house that you can get it later. Or have it shipped directly to the store where you bought it. If it's one of the big box stores, have it shipped directly to that store so you can pick up at their location."

He also thinks it's a good idea to be careful how much cash you carry, use just one credit card and leave the rest at home, and never leave your car running, even for a minute.