Green Iowa Will Help You Save Energy

Oct 9, 2018

An agency in the Quad Cities wants to help people save money on their heating bills.

Green Iowa is a new program for Americorps in Davenport. It's offering free energy audits for low-income, elderly, disabled, and veteran households.

Education Coordinator Zachary Alexander says a team of four will give and install free light bulbs, new shower heads, plastic on windows, and other energy-saving products.

"One, we're trying to save them money on their utility bills by providing them these free energy audits hopefully to seal up their houses. But also, before we can even do that process, we go through and we do safety checks. We check for carbon monoxide, we check for gas leaks, just to make sure that everyone in our district is living in a safe home."

Over the next year, Alexander says the goal is to audit and fix up 100 to 120 homes in the Quad Cities.

"So we are very excited to get involved in the community any way we can, whether that's through outreach, education, or through the free home energy audits. Our schedule is very open at this point because we are a new program. So, we'd love for people to give us a call."

More information is at  Go to the Davenport page to sign up for a free audit. The office is at Community Action of Eastern Iowa.

(563) 324 - 3236 ext: 1243