EICC May Raise Tuition

Apr 16, 2018

The cost to attend the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges may go up in the fall. Monday night the board of trustees will consider a staff recommendation to raise tuition by 7 dollars per credit hour.

That would mean the cost for in-state students at Scott, Clinton, and Muscatine community colleges would go from 155 dollars now, to 162 dollars per credit hour.

Chancellor Don Doucette says enrollment is flat or declining, and state appropriations are declining.

"There's just so much uncertainty and yet we have to let students know what they can expect to pay. So we've made what we think is a thoughtful and modest proposal to make sure we continue to offer the quality programs we're committed to offer to our students."

In recent weeks, state government in Iowa has had to cut millions of dollars in spending from the current fiscal year, which ends in June, and that's resulted in a half-million dollar cut in spending for the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.