Dohrn Transfer Shares Federal Tax Cut with Employees

Feb 1, 2018

A dohrn truck in front of its headquarters in Rock Island.
Credit Dohrn Transfer

A Quad Cities company is sharing the benefits of the federal tax cut.  This week, Dohrn Transfer in Rock Island gave each of its 1,200 employees a $1,000 bonus. 

Heather Dohrn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says the company wanted it to be a surprise.

"You know it really went a long way because we have a lot of hourly people.  So $1,000 really does go a long way and we got a lot of heart felt appreciation notes sent to us about how they are going to be sending the money and how much it really means to them.  I think that makes us feel good, that's exactly what we wanted for our employees."

Dohrn plans to spend the rest of the tax savings on new equipment for its trucks.  

The company's employees are based in seven states and serve the Midwest and parts of the east coast.