Deere Plow is Top Illinois Invention

Apr 5, 2018

The plow invented by John Deere is the top invention in Illinois history. That's according to recent voting conducted by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum during its celebration of the state's bicentennial. 

Deere invented his plow in 1837, opening the prairie states to agricultural development, and the company he founded is based in the Quad Cities. 

Number two on the Illinois list of top inventions is the cell phone, created in 1973 by a Motorola engineer who said he was inspired by the communicators used in the TV show "Star Trek".

Next in the top ten are birth control, skyscrapers, blood banks, mail order, barbed wire, silos, meatpacking, and computer-assisted education.

Some other Illinois inventions did not make the top ten list, including Twinkies, pinball and television remote controls.

The top 200 project continues, with voting taking place every two weeks. Other categories include inspiring leaders, greatest books, top businesses, and much more.