Davenport School District Presents Budget Plans to State

Mar 6, 2018

Job cuts and closing a school will help the Davenport School District balance its budget. Those are among the recommendations that will help the district satisfy state officials who've set a deadline of next year.

Chief Financial Officer, Marsha Tangan, says next week (3/13) the district has to present its plans to the state's School Budget Review Committee - how it will achieve a "positive un-spent balance" by June of next year.

"We were at the School Budget Review Committee last year - the plan we gave them did not show that we were going to turn it around in a year. So they said, okay, go back, re-do it, and come to us again, and when you come back, show us that you're going to have  balance on June 30 of 2019."

Tangan says the plans include cutting 20 positions during this school year, and 26 more next year - but only through attrition and not layoffs. 

The district is also considering closing one of its five intermediate schools, and moving 6th graders from the intermediate schools to the elementary schools.