Like Crocuses, New Bridge Foundations Will Pop Up Soon

Apr 9, 2018

When real spring weather finally arrives in the Quad Cities, it should make hundreds of construction workers happy.

Michelle O'Neill gives us an update on the I-74 bridge project.

Daneille Mulholland, I-74 Bridge Construction Project Manager
Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Project Manager, Danielle Mulholland, from the Iowa Department of Transportation, says over the winter, Lunda Construction completed four concrete pours to create footings for the main bridge arch.

And a sub-contractor, Michel's, completed 140 drilled shafts into 12 feet of rock below the Mississippi River. A total of 239 will support the rest of the bridge.

All but one of the bridge contracts that include steel have been signed, with steel prices set. And Mulholland says President Trump's new tariff on foreign steel shouldn't be a problem because the contractors are required to buy American steel.

Rebar & concrete are enclosed in a steel coffer dam as Lunda Construction builds a foundation for the basket arch of the new bridge.
Credit / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge website

The project manager can't say exactly how many jobs have been created by the $1.2 billion project. But she can say 100 to 200 people in the Quad Cities are working on it every day.

Mulholland reminds drivers not to gawk at the barges, cranes, and workers while traveling on the existing I-74 bridge. There are safer ways to see what's going on, including a webcam and photos HERE.

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