Natalie Spahn

WVIK News Intern

Natalie Spahn, of DeKalb IL., is a senior at Augustana College. She is double majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communications and French. She also works for the Augustana Observer as the managing editor. 

A reporter from Sweden who covered the U.S. for over two decades will visit the Quad Cities this week. Karin Henriksson will participate in a panel discussion on Saturday at Augustana College, "News from America: Reporting on the United States in Sweden."

One statewide candidate is ready to roll up her sleeves and start working as soon as the election is over. Republican Darlene Senger is a former state representative now running for Illinois Comptroller. 

An agency in the Quad Cities wants to help people save money on their heating bills.

Natalie Spahn / WVIK News

Hundreds of excited kids released balloons for the groundbreaking of the new Mark Twain Elementary School in Bettendorf. This morning, students, faculty, contractors, and even "Tinker" the therapy dog celebrated the official start of construction.

Davenport wants to know how satisfied people are living in the city. This week, five-thousand residents will receive a survey asking about infrastructure, police and fire services, parks, and more. 

Natalie Spahn / WVIK News

Democrats in Rock Island County are kicking off the first official day of early voting by doing just that - voting. / Iowa Department of Transportation on Twitter

It's officially fall, and that means farmers are harvesting crops and driving combines, tractors, and other large machines. 

The Niabi Zoo has said goodbye to one of its family members.  On Monday, Molly, a 35-year-old Plains Zebra, was euthanized due to chronic joint and bone issues resulting from old age. 

The number of mussels in the Iowa River is falling, but scientists don't really know why. That's one of the results of this year's Iowa Mussel Blitz. 

The Clinton LumberKings have decided to sign on with a new team. After being affiliated with the Seattle Mariners for ten years, the LumberKings are now partnered with the Miami Marlins.