Michelle O'Neill

WVIK News Editor

Officially, my title is WVIK News Editor which really just means I wear many hats, doing everything there is to do in the newsroom and around the radio station. I'm a multimedia journalist and serve as Assignment Editor, reporter, radio news producer, copy editor, announcer, and news anchor/host. I also take photos, shoot videos, and write and produce content for WVIK.org and social media.

In the 2016 Illinois AP Broadcast Journalism Excellence Awards (small market radio division), I brought home 2nd place in the Best Series or Documentary category for several stories I reported about The Connection between Oral Care and Health Care. In addition, WVIK News placed second in Best Digital Presence in the 2016 Illinois AP contest.

I also helped the WVIK Newsroom win First Place awards for Overall Excellence, and Farm and Agribusiness in the 2016 Iowa Broadcast News Association contest, (large market radio division). 

Whenever I find a widget that might be useful to our listeners, I like to try it out here. So, for the 2018 governor's race, here's "The Money Game" widget from ProPublica Illinois.



When not working, I read, walk the dog, crochet, play drums and sing backup at church, plus go to lots of my nephew's baseball games.


Kensington, baying beagle bunny killer

Since adopting Kensy, I've learned all about how to deal with a hound who counter-surfs and devours whatever happens to be there. She is now 16 years old and doing well, sleeping a lot and keeping me on a strict treat and meal schedule (hers, not mine). 

A local agency and church have teamed up to help cooks become entrepreneurs. Tomorrow in Rock Island, the Palomares Social Justice Center and St. John's Lutheran Church will host a cook-off competition to kick-off their new, "Catalyst Kitchen."

Terry Stimpson, from Palomares, says a group called Global Communities, which is affiliated with the John Deere Foundation, gave the center a grant to create a commercial kitchen at St. John's. The church was looking for ways to increase services in the surrounding neighborhood.

The City of Davenport may try to save money by offering some employees early retirement incentives. At tonight's city council meeting, aldermen will discuss the proposal which could help the city deal with a lack of state funding, decreases in revenue, and other budget problems.

Under the measure, current full-time employees who've worked for Davenport at least seven years would be eligible.

They could choose from three options:

  • Six months of COBRA health insurance coverage for the worker and their dependents at no cost,
  • A one-time contribution of $7,000 to the employee's retirement health savings plan account,
  • Or a one-time cash payment of $7,000.

Davenport's proposed early retirement plan requires employees to retire before the end of the year. And they would have to decide by October 19th. 

https://www.weather.gov/dvn/ / National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

There's a LOT of green on the home page of the Quad Cities National Weather Service. That's because the local office has issued several flood watches and warnings.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

A business owner in the Quad Cities wants to teach people how to defend themselves with or without a gun. Jeanelle Westrom opened Davenport Guns and Shooting Club about three years ago.

Michelle O'Neill reports Westrom's store and employees offer a lot more than guns and a place to practice shooting.

Davenport Guns and Shooting Club teaches courses that include hours and hours of safety education and training. That comes before anyone fires a shot. 

And whether you love or hate guns, owner Jeanelle Westrom wants women and men to learn what to expect from criminals and be prepared.

https://twitter.com/MarcSchulmanChi / Marc Schulman, Twitter

This weekend, sweet celebrations of Illinois' bicentennial will pop up all over the state. The Illinois Office of Tourism and local visitors bureaus will serve free birthday cake on Sunday, Illinois Constitution Day. 

http://quadcitieschamber.com/public/locate-start-grow/locate/data-center / Bi State Regional Commission website

Two agencies are surveying people in the Quad Cities job market. The Chamber of Commerce and Iowa Workforce Development are conducting a study to find out who works here, how much they make, and other details about the regional workforce.

Todd Mizener, Director of Photography / Dispatch & Argus, QConline

On Midwest Week, suicide and stories of people who've dealt with the suicide of a loved one.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Deere and Company set a record for third quarter earnings on a per share basis. This morning, Deere reported it made $910 million from May through July, or $2.79 per share compared to $1.97 for the same period last year. Without a gain from the new, federal tax law, earnings per share would have been 20 cents lower.

http://www.thebluediamondgallery.com/dictionary/outsourcing.jpg / Blue Diamond Gallery

In a few years, local companies may be able to add a big customer to their client list. But it depends on whether the Davenport Board of Education decides to outsource school district services to save money.

https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/ecap/unknown-individual---john-doe-40/@@download.pdf / FBI website

The FBI is asking people for help with a nationwide investigation about the sexual assault and exploitation of a child. The bureau is trying to find out the name of a man, and other identifying details, who may have "critical information" about the identity of a child victim in the case. A link to photographs, a video, and other information is posted on the FBI's website.