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City of Rock Island

"Rock Island Unplugged" might sound like a series of acoustic concerts. But it's really a new community forum, and it won't be held at City Hall.

RI Flood Prep

Oct 9, 2018
City of Rock Island

Even though it has a floodwall, the City of Rock Island continues to prepare for flooding by the Mississippi River, including installing pumps and closing gatewells.

WVIK News / WVIK Quad Cities NPR

Parks department employees in Rock Island have their first union contract. / Illinois Supreme Court

This week, judges, lawyers, historians, and others will celebrate 200 years of Illinois justice.

Michelle O'Neill reports at a gala tomorrow in Springfield, the Illinois Supreme Court will host a gala 200 years to the day that the high court was created.

Two centuries of Illinois justice have obviously had a great impact on people, institutions, and society.

submitted / Doris and Victor Day Foundation

The Doris and Victor Day Foundation is teaching people about the importance of the 2020 Census. Tomorrow , the foundation will the second of two meetings called, "You Count! Rock Island County." 


Bruce Rauner versus corrupt Democrats from Chicago—that's how Illinois Governor Rauner described the choice between him and his Democratic opponent, JB Pritzker, during a campaign stop in the Quad Cities Monday. 

The C-SPAN Bus is making its annual tour of the Untied States, and it stopped in the Quad Cities today Wednesday. The Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network wants to educate Americans about the educational and political resources it offers.

WVIK News received this message in an email today. “Moline City Administrator Doug Maxeiner was informed by Police Chief John Hitchcock early Saturday morning of the Chief’s involvement as the subject of a traffic stop in Iowa this past Friday evening. The traffic stop reportedly resulted in charges against Chief Hitchcock, while driving his personal vehicle. The specific charges are unknown at this time and City officials do not have any of the facts or specific information on the incident. The City has initiated an investigation to determine the details.

Iowa Courts

One of three local attorneys will soon become a judge in Iowa's Seventh District. A judicial commission has about two weeks to make a decision to fill a vacancy.

The City of Davenport may try to save money by offering some employees early retirement incentives. At tonight's city council meeting, aldermen will discuss the proposal which could help the city deal with a lack of state funding, decreases in revenue, and other budget problems.

Under the measure, current full-time employees who've worked for Davenport at least seven years would be eligible.

They could choose from three options:

  • Six months of COBRA health insurance coverage for the worker and their dependents at no cost,
  • A one-time contribution of $7,000 to the employee's retirement health savings plan account,
  • Or a one-time cash payment of $7,000.

Davenport's proposed early retirement plan requires employees to retire before the end of the year. And they would have to decide by October 19th.